Thursday, October 2, 2014

Coffee, Brooms, and Hope......

Sorry this one has to be quick! So Rodrigo, 30 years old, has come to church twice already! He is a little slow, drinks, and smokes, but ahs a huge desire to serve the Lord. Just doesn't know how yet. When he came to church the first time in a suit, we got sooo happy and excited for him!
We passed by his house more to help him prepare for baptism. Everytime we knocked on his door, he always answered with a huge smile. Always thanks us so much for coming to help him follow Christ. This last saturday, we made plans for  him to stop drinking coffee, beer, and smoking. He agreed to not buy more cigarettes and beer. We asked his mom (a little old and out of it at times) for her support in preparing him for baptism. 

We asked if we could take their coffee with us so that he wouldn't have the temptation. 
She agreed.
He went to chruch yesterday. And felt soo good there!!

We passed by afterwards with pictures of christ that we got to put up on his walls to help him remember to not get cigarettes, coffee, and alcohol.
After we prayed with him, his mom came in and "rebuked us in the name of christ"
She was furious that we had taken their coffee with us (i think she had forgotten that she agreed to leave it with us last night). 
"get out of here in the name of christ! he needs liberation! I never want to see you again!"
"Sister, we have here pictures of christ and on Monday we already planned to get a replacement coffee that is not really coffee."
" Get out of here! I'm getting the wood!"
With the pictures of christ in our hands, and getting my backpack, she came into the room and hit me with her broom.
"Be gone in the name of Jesus!" - how ironic.

Don't worry, she's old, so she can't hit hard...but afterwards I felt so sad. Not for the humiliation of getting broomed as we were leaving...but that we were only there to help her son. That he wants our help sooo bad and really cannot enter into heaven before doing the will of the Father. We were teaching him the will of father...

We prayed. To forgive her because she doesnt know what she did. Also, that Rodrigo would always have the same desire to follow the Savior. Because if he had a full chance, he certainly would accept baptism - so I know that he could easly have a spot in the Celestial Kingdom with God.

We were a little crestfallen God went and blessed us with two perfect families to teach!

One who is soo confused about all the differnt churches and different ways to intrepret the bible so that she lost the desire to keep looking into church (until the only true chruch of Jesus Christ comes around!! =) ). 
and also a young couple. The wife was sick so we had an oppurtunity to give her a blessing and it really changed how her mother (who was with them and had already shewed the missionaries off her porch in the past) saw us, the savior, and our work!
After a powerful and spiritual message, we told her that we would bring pictures of our familes in the next visit. She asked if we missed our moms - of course! - and so she gave each of us a huge hug! 
what am I gonna do? =)

Love you all!!!

The Church is true! The Book is Blue! And I'm a Mormon!

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