Thursday, October 2, 2014

Barbecues, Baptisms, and ....Rockin' Wheels?

Displaying 20140906_134943.jpgHere with marcelo and elder f.lima in the turf ward in campos! Eating barbecue! Love ya!

Displaying SAM_9861.JPG After baptism, we will not be perfect, so we have to stick together. Helping one another in every way possible so that we can all return and live with our father in heaven some day.

Both Martina and Hiago told me that they felt 'lighter' after their baptism. 
Remember how it was when you tried to keep a secret from your mom? You try and try but the longer you hold it in the dark the heavier it feels. When you finally tell her, you see the love that she has for you and that you could have told her much sooner and all is well.
when we repent and be baptized, we feel like this and even better. We feel lighter for not having the burden of sin.
Displaying SAM_9822.JPG
Sorry everyone! I have ZERO i'll do my best to just send photos and i'll read and respond the emails next week!!

This bike was sweet!!!! has a killer sound system and is decked out with rocker stuff

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