Thursday, October 2, 2014

Letter - back and forth.....

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Hi Elder Reinhardt,
Here are some pictures from family night.  Jamie caught a small bass. 
Plus Jamie and Jayson recieved fathers blessings to start school tomorrow.  There was one distinct thing that I was not expecting but was supposed to tell Jayson in his blessing..... that he would find answers to his questions in the scriptures, his teachers and from his brother. 
Love you,
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Hey family!
here is where i'm at...again!!

I was transferred back to Rio de Janeiro!! Where I was at during mother's day! I returned to the same chapel but a different ward!! woooo hooooo!!

It was sooo good to see that my recent converts were firm in the gospel. 
I only have time for one miracle, but it's waaay sweet.

We went to interview an investigator that wanted to be baptized. Maycom is 11.
As i talked with him, I felt that even being small, he wanted to follow the savior. He told me that he had already stopped drinking coffee 2 weeks ago. That he cried when the other missionaries left because he thought he wouldn't get baptized.

His mom, Tania, thought that he wasn't ready to be baptized and that he was just doing it to follow his friends...but at the end of the interview, he said the prayer. He asked God to help his mom  accept his baptism.

After the interview, we returned to the kitchen to ask Tania again if he could get baptised. I shared the story of my mom with her. That my mom baptized young and even though life came at her with all it had, her name had been written in the book of God. We testified to her, pleaded with her, and waited.

The suspense mounted and finally Maycom's aunt said, "just decide already!"
...'ok. He can.'
Maycom leaped for joy and covered his mom with kisses!
We wanted to leave shortly afterwards to let them enjoy the spirit of the Lord in the family, so we asked Maycom to give the final prayer.
In his prayer, he thanked his Father, "God, thank you for changing my mom's mind."

I love this gospel. I love that it is not us, the missionaries, inviting everyone to come to Christ, but it is really the Savior that invites them to come to Him through us.!

Back to Rio?  Your heart must be so full!  To see your converts firm.... and what a sweet miracle you shared about Maycom!  Tell his mom I send great big hugs to her!
We have been praying for you every night and day.  I'll share this story with the kids tonight at family night!
We just got back from a road trip!  States at the "Cat Tales' Big Cat Sanctuary, then  Went to Grand Coule Dam...for the laser light show... and then to see Jack Johnson!  He was great!  However... pot is legal in WA now, as is gay marriage. ... so I am sad to say that the milleau was disappointing.  But we had a lot of fun!
Miss you buddy!

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