Thursday, October 2, 2014

A series of letters - a baptism miracle...

So we had a miracle happen this week.
Her name is Jessica. She's just a 13 year old girl, but with a will and testimony of FIRE.
So Jessica is friends with the stake president's daughter. They brought her to chruch 2 weeks ago and we just happened to have a baptism that day. Afterwards, we asked her, "so when is going to be your baptism?" We promised her that God would help her be ready in one week. 

Her mom, Suzana, goes to a different church. We taught Jessica, she prayed, and recieved her answer. That the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints truly comes from the person whose name it bears. As much as she had recieved a personal conviction from our Heavenly Father...her mom had not yet searched the scriptures and prayed about this yet.

Jessica wanted so badly to follow the savior, but her Mom thought that she was loosing her child to a new and different religion. That we had something to offer her family that Suzana didn't have. Suzana had second thoughts and said that Jessica couldn't get baptised...

One night, I was with a returned missionary at her house. We realized that we had opposition but we also knew what God wanted. We three gathered together and Jessica asked our Heavenly Father for inspiration in what to do to help her Mom accept her choice. A thought came to my friend that she should not only ask God for help with her baptism each night, but she should ask her mom every night as well.

Being only 13. She mustered up the courage and talked with her. The next day, Suzana told us that she can't impede her choice and that she knows that she's following the savior.

And, here's the photo to prove it!

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Hey there buddy!  it is so inspiring to hear your baptism miracles!  I know the angels must shout hurray at each one!  
How are you doing?  I sent your package off a few weeks ago ...has your debit card in call me when you get it...well get it activated for you!
It was so nice to see granny and gramps this weekend,  but weird to watch them grow old.  Weird to be getting older myself!
Sold the house to Gary...our Black Lake neighbor...good to have that done.... but a little melancholy. .. place holds a lot of memories for me. and me....all those years.  Hmmmm.
Picked a lot of apples. ...excites for pies and apple butters,  juice..... yummy!
Kids are getting excited...Can you believe
Jayson will be 11?!?!?  That's nuts!
I love you!
Thank you soo much mom!!!
It will definately be wierd to come back home and see that everyone has grown old--i mean has gotten sweeter with the time =)
But I have no doubt that everyone will be even more blessed when i see you all again than when i left.

My first converts will have a year of being a member on the 28th of this month!!! - this is the email of Andrea, the reactivated wife of Bobby and mom of Justyce (we baptized Bobby and Justyce!)

If you would like to write them an email congratulating them, i know they would love it. I will be as well!
whoa!! the house is sold?? But we can still go over and just sleep with our dear old granny and gramps!
They sent a letter to me recently!! i'll be writing them back =)
did grandma get a chance to experiment with the juice? what did she think?

I know!!!I remember sending a package to jayson on his last birthday!! he's already gonna be older by 2 YEARS!!! holy cow!!
i love that little fart =D

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