Monday, June 23, 2014

Stories and Move to Zone Leader - FOTOS!

A great experience for ya!

The end of the day. We're passed stressed and into that lunatic/laugh-at-anything state, and we pass a house that has a call box in the front.
(try a door approach through one of those - it never Works!) My companion wants to try it and I tell him that I already know what will happen.

Like he was pulling the sword out of the stone he yells "ESPERANÇA!!" (hope!)
we wait to hear the owner of the house tell us that she's not home, busy, cooking, sleeping, or dying... but
the door to the front gate opens!
(i'm thinking: God is with us!!)
the lady of the house says, "Sorry! the call box has a defect!"
(i'm thinking: God smacked me upside the head with this: 'be more hopeful!!')

And a kid who speaks perfect english comes out and we teach him the gospel of Jesus Christ.
​When we are doubting - don't be suprised when God 'smacks ya upside the head' wi​th a good miracle =)

~ James


Hello there buddy! I hope you are having a good week. It is shaping up to be quite busy here.
I am eager for this coming week, as I am off all week. So naturally, that means I have more time to work
 on my coaching calls! But of course I will be working while I'm watching kids play at Silverwood!  ;)
At any rate, I had a client who recently told me but she didn't deserve to be loved but only to be hurt. 
Broke my heart! And soon it was burying my testimony to her of a perfect, kind and loving Heavenly Father 
and Mother who saw her beautiful, perfect and whole, innocent, and valued. She sobbed and told me how 
much she appreciated my presence. I don't think it was me that she felt. .. but hopefully her 
Heavenly parents. I hope that I can always be able to help and comfort for people - to feel God working 
through you is really cool - and it helps to comfort me also.
Well, I am exhausted, how I suppose I had better go to sleep I love you...
I do not have a doubt that the spirit of God was there with you two. I can imagine how intense the 
feelings were at that moment. Thank you so much for sharing this experience with me. I love when 
God gives us a chance to really feel charity. The love that Christ has for His brothers and sisters. 
The love that brought him through the atonement. With every crook, vagabond, family, and saint - 
he truly paid the debt. He never once thought, "oh. this person doesn't deserve a chance. He will just 
sin and do wrong his entire life, so I won't pay the price for his sins."

No. Everyone is a child of God. Everyone deserves this. God did not send us here to just be sent to 
outer darkness. He did not create failures. He did not create anything ugly. He created all things 
perfectly. Let them have their agency with a perfect hope that the would choose the right. And in the 
end, He will have a perfect judgement.

Now I have a little story for you .
My companion and I were freaking out because we had to talk to our investigator's mom about baptism. 
We didn't know how she'd react so we thought about various ways to try and soften her heart. 
We wondered if it would be better to call, talk in person, bring cookies, send mail via pigeon! 
We were scared. We felt alone just trying to be careful, effective, and full of love for this family.
We felt the need to pray. We were set to ask Him to confirm how we should approach to subject with 
her mother.

As we prayed, we did not feel the need to ask these questions. The spirit sent these emotions and
 thoughts to us very spefically:
"Why are you worrying? Are you thinking that it is you that is working here? Do you think you are 
in charge? Why do you fear? Do you not know that when you teach with My love and My spirit, it is
 I that speaks? This is not your work - it is mine. For this I will guide you. Be worthy of my spirit 
and afterwards pray for My love and courage.  I will lead you. I will teach you and them."

I kid you not, it was like our Heavenly Father got up and gave his two fearful children a thump on
 the head and a reminder of who's boss.

Even when things don't go as planned, I know that God is guiding us. I am very thankful when 
God shows us that He is near and I have the faith, love, and courage to believe that He still leads 
us when we are not looking.

I love you and my family to PIECES!!! I really want your conversion story mom!!
Tell Dad that I want our preisthood lineage!

Displaying SAM_9692.JPG
this Family is super sweet! The little
 girls are all super smart and the mom Works harder than ever
the baptismal servisse was super spiritual!

Displaying SAM_9698.JPG
This was my zone leader - we moved up to Linhares and now we're zone leaders together!!!
two idaho boys workin up a storm! Good things are going to happen!

Sorry i'm without time yet again.
I'm Zone Leader now! Oh boy! I don't know what God thinks he's doing...but the good thing is that He
 always knows =D
I'm back in the state of Espirito Santo in Linhares. It's the first place that's not right on the coast.
And tell Grandma and Gramps not to worry anymore because I'm here with another IDAHO BOY from
 Shelly, ID!  I'm gonna be more tired, excited, tested, and experienced than ever this transfer - but 
Love ya all LOTS!
Happy World Cup to you all!! it's gonna be crazy around here! wooo hoo!


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