Saturday, September 21, 2013

A shot in the arm from my favorite Missionary!

OUr gospel doctrine lesson last week was 6 ways out of the Church:
#Not recognizing the prophet as a source of rrevelation
#Being critical of leader's imperfections
#being offended
#Rationalizing disobedience
#accepting false teachings of the world
My companion had a revelation yesterday (an inspired thought that just came to his head) that said something like "your self esteem should not come from your environment or what others think of you. It should come straight from the relationship that you have with your heavenly father."
Also, if you treat a less active member like a less active member, there will be no change! These are things you already know and I know that you are fantastic when it comes to what people neeed and how to provide them with such.
One story (i only have 5 mins left on the comp!) Ben Kohler. Big guy, has the "reaper" tattooed to his arm because that was his street name. His mom committed suicide when he was 14. the catholic chruch told him that his mom was going to hell for that sin that she committed. So, part of the reason that he: beat people and left them in the streets, got paid to hurt others, sold dope, used dope, is so that he could meet his mom there and ask her some questions.
We shared alma...12:29-31 and that helped that. but main story is that all the hate that has taken root in him - he knows that it wont be easy, but with God, Jesus, and himself it can be ripped out.
Also, when his 1.5 month old daughter grabs his finger, he is filled with nothing but love.
Mom i only have 30 seconds left before i'm kicked off, but i love you and dad and jayson and jamie! with his Mission President and Sister Anderson

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