Monday, August 12, 2013

...Like a Kid in a Candy Shop

I have to write quick! grr. so much to do on your day off! haha I finally understand a small part of all you do =)
We have found the almighty gu-ru out here. Bro Fredrickson is a RM from Brazil! He is also a Gospel genius. He can get deep without getting out into kolob stuff.
here are some small truths that I can kind of remember (along with things to think about)
All decisions are based on either a desire to Escape or Pursue. I.E. Are you angry because you want to be? Or are you angry because you're trying to escape or hide from something - are you scared?
Are you a rebel as that being your goal, or as that being somewhere that is not where you are now (running away from something).
Who tempted satan? WHy is his plan so evil? Because he would be the only one to progress. He would halt aall of god's creation (which progression is god's work and glory) and only let himself, satan, progress.
Does god know everything you did before you did it? Yes. How else could he atone for your sins. How else could he feel what a holocaust would feel like if he did not already know.
Was Christ God before this life? To enjoy all that God enjoys is to have immortality (body and spirit not to be seperated ever again) and eternal life (to live as god lives, with him). We weren't close to either. However, Christ probably did experience eternal life. He just needed a body to experinece immortality.
Lastly, thank you so much for the Conner T-shirt! I miss that little guy and I'll wear that everywhere! Tell Brian and Natalie I love them!
Tell Granny and Gramps thanks so much for the letter and ties! I loved them both and I'll write them back soon.
Thank you so much for the package and postcards, and jerky, and pictuers!!!!

sometimes on this mission, I feel like a kid in a candy shop =D

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