Saturday, September 21, 2013

Heart and Soul in the work.....
this is about half the mission. 4 zones. this was a mini conference

THis is family night with a family! the story of ammon reinactment

So I just had my first "ET" Emergency Transfer. One elder went home on a medical release, so last thursday, at 10PM, President Anderson told us that we would be picking up an elder from Sheridan, Wyoming and that I would be replacing him. I miss my last two companions, but now I get to experience another part of this huge mission!
Last night, I got to meet some of the young-single-adult branch that we have here (we are over a ward and a YSA branch). After talking with one of the guys, I have a feeling that there will be many Patriotic, cowboy-boot wearing, Hicks. =D I'm so excited! We'll see how well i fit in though :)
Two nights ago, we had an INTENSE electrical storm. We are totally safe, but there was sooooo much lightening (I'll try to send a video)
Last night, I met Jessica. She's about 21, lives with her younger sister, and is investigating the church. Also, there is a marrigae happy Return Missionary after her =p =) He's a good kid, but...i dunno.
She's our neighbor in our complex and on her porch, she really opened up to us. Through out the whole conversatoin, I think i was feeling true charity for her - the pure love of christ. She knew that baptism is a big committment and she was worried that she might be doing it for the wrong reasons - for this RM. She felt that whenever she gave her whole heart to something, it let her down (she does have a very intese story behind that). She doesn't want to get hurt and she wants to fully committ for the right reasons.
God let us bear powerful testimony. I promised her, with all I had, that if she prayed then and there with us, asking God if He loves her, that God would let her know by the spirit she would feel in her heart. I offered a very simple prayer first to give her an example...and she still didn't want to pray.
That's fine, we can never make anybody do anything. We never want to force, we only want to invite. THough I am bummed that she missed out on that blessing, I know that God loves her so much. I know that as she continues to pray and read the Book of Mormon, she will develope a personal relationship with her savior, Jesus Christ. Then she will be able to know for a surety who's gospel this is, who she is committing to.
This is Christ's church because he is at it's head. It is led by him and it teaches his doctrine. I love being a missionary!
Though I have moved, I have the same address. I have no new news on the VIsa. However, I'm working hard and putting my whole soul into this whever I am.
Love you all a TON!
Elder James Reinhardt

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