Saturday, September 21, 2013

...Following a Prompting!

No Visa yet! I hope I go, but there are still so many lives to touch here! I'll go when the time is right, I'm sure of it. :)
But while I have the time, lemme introduce you to Alex the Romanian Hitchhiker.
Elder Edwards (my trainer) and I were biking down the road when we pass this hitchhiking guy who gives us a genuine smile...hmm. At the bottom of the hill, we stop.
Edwards, "Should we talk to that guy?"
Me, "Sure. Better to have faith than miss a prompting."
We start talking and He's been in the states for a year working. He met a girl (at Sturgis - but don't worry, she's still cute) who he had then known for 4 days. He was thinking of either staying around for her or continuing to California for work. We walked with him to the hospital where this girl would pick him up and asked what he knew about Jesus Christ's church back on the earth.
We sat down on a bench and proceeded to teach about God's love, prophets, and the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We were cut short when his lady friend showed up (another hipster - if they were married and sealed, they'd make a great couple!). We thought we'd never see him again, but we did feel like we tried hard to help him develop more faith in Christ.
Then, we see him 6 more times in 1.5 weeks!!! This last time we saw him, we had enough time to teach again. I know that if he prays and reads, he can get it! During the lesson, he asked if there were prophets today. YES!  Excited to meet with him again - we challenged him to read the BoM and pray.
Also, Ben Kohler. I don't have much time, but briefly. Imagine a rough, 6'4" bouncer with a couple 'tats' one of which says "the reaper"
I've talked about this guy before, and I love him so much! He has had a rough life. But he has said, "when I look into my baby's eyes, and she looks back saying 'take care of me, I'm helpless, innocent, and perfect'...all the hate in my heart leaves for a moment."
Talk about progress, we asked him why it is important to follow God's commandments. I wish I could portray the power that was in him as her said, "It is the purpose of life. I want to live with my family forever - and if we're not living with God in the Celestial Kingdom, then we are not living with our whole family."
Wow. He gets it. This church is true. It is lead by God. He is changing his life! I am striving to become the best child of God I can! Read Mosiah 2:41. That's what were striving for here and the prize at the end is more than we can imagine! Read Romans 8: 16-17! (I think that's the refference) :)
I Love you All!

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