Thursday, May 8, 2014

Historia de Motivação - Os 3 Leões ~ A story from the Mission field on Motivation

History of Motivation - The 3 Lions

In particular forest had 3 lions .
One day the monkey , the elected representative of the animal subjects , held a meeting with all the vermin of the forest and said :
- We , the animals , we know that the lion is the king of beasts , but there is a question in the air :
There are 3 strong lions . But to which of them we should pay tribute ? Who among them would be our king ?
The 3 Lions learned of the meeting and commented on each other :
- It's true , the concern of vermin makes sense , a forest can not have 3 Kings , we need to know which of us will be chosen.
But how to find out ?
That was the big question : fight amongst themselves they would not because they were great friends .
The stalemate was formed .
Again , all the animals gathered to discuss a solution to the case . After using techniques of brainstorming meetings of any kind , etc. . they had a great idea. The monkey was found with 3 cats and told what they decided :
- Well , gentlemen Lions , found a solution to the challenging problem. The solution lies in Difficult Mountain .
- Difficult Mountain ? How so ?
- It's simple , pondered the monkey . We decided that you should climb the 3 Difficult Mountain . What peaking will first set out the king of kings .
The Difficult Mountain was the highest among all that immense forest. The challenge was accepted . On the appointed day , thousands of animals surrounded the mountain to watch the big climb.
The first attempted . He could not . Was defeated .
The second try. He could not . Was defeated .
The third try. He could not . Was defeated .
The animals were curious and impatient , after all, which one would be the king , since the three were defeated ? It was then that a wise eagle, old age and great wisdom , took the floor :
- I know who should be king ! All animals made ​​a great silence of expectation. - You know , but how? shouted to the Eagle . - It is simple , - confessed the wise eagle - I was flying between them closely and when they returned to the valley failed , I listened to what each of them said to the mountain .
The first lion said - Mountain , you beat me !
The second lion said - Mountain , you beat me !
The third lion also said : - Mountain , you beat me , yet! But you mountain has reached its final size , and I 'm still growing .
- The difference , - completed the eagle - is the third lion had a winning attitude in the face of defeat and anyone who thinks so is bigger than your problem : is king of himself , is ready to be king of the other .
The animals of the forest clapped enthusiastically to the third lion was crowned king among kings .
Lesson: No matter the size of your problems or difficulties that you have ; their problems , at least in most cases , have already reached the climax , are already at the maximum level - but you do not . You are still growing . You are greater than all their problems together . You have not yet reached the limit of their potential and performance . A Mountain of Adversity has fixed , limited size .
I learned that I can still give maximum me to overcome my difficulties ! Difficulty is not eternal - Happiness is eternal !

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