Thursday, May 8, 2014

A couple of Treasures that moth will not devor, nor rust destroy....

I gained a surety of at least two things these past few days. 
1. God truly has people that are preparing and searching to hear our message.
2. When you do all you can to rescue someone, it doesn't mean that he will accept your help, but you truly feel that God has accepted your work

1. In the early history of the church in England, there was a man who found a capless Book of Mormon in the trash. He didn't know what it was but he read it and found it to be true. We found a man with the same story here in Campos
As we talked, he understood everything. He was looking for that one church that really is the church that Christ established. With apostles, profets, and authority. He had already had a re-gifted Book of Mormon for 4 years and has recently started reading on his own accord. 
When we shared the account of God's first prophet in these days, the spirit was so strong. Everyone in the room knew that God was confirming the words that we said.
As Elder Reinhardt, I'm not too special, but being a missionary - a representative of Jesus Christ, we get to see God work through us to help his children.

2. We walked to the end of the world to try and wake up our investigators and help them come to church. We did everything we could to help our families here...but none of them came to the church. As I sat there taking the sacrament, I realized much more powerfully what Christ did for me - and for everyone whether they accepted him or not. He already walked to the end of the world. He already sent all of our pains and heart-aches wether we 'deserve' them or not. 
I love our Savior, I love our 'living' church, Thank you ever so much for the prayers and support.

Elder James Reinhardt

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