Tuesday, January 14, 2014

..Helicopters and Miracles....

Certainly it is different working here. I am learning that the word misson doesn't just mean 'take pictures, make friends, learn a language, etc. etc' Though these things are good,'mission' means 'growth, service, and Baptise.' All of these, minus baptisms, hurt. All of these as well are needed to become who we need to become! 
This week:
Displaying SAM_0817.JPGPolice heliocopters were searching for people
I ate a huge ant - on purpose
We helped chase a goat back to someone's home
It rained A TON
We painted our apartment
We experienced a miracle.
We Baptized Elisangela!

The baptismal service was fantastic! I need to explain a miracle first.
Elder Napan and I have the same amount of time in the mission field here in Brasil, so he is learning the language too. My trainer and his trainer had to interview Elisangela for Baptism and so we had to find our way to an appointment. We had been there by bus, but not at night and not from the spot we were at. 
Being a man, I thought I knew where we were going. We. Got. Lost. Elder Napan and I, being the only ones in the street, prayed. Hard. Asking for a miracle to lead us to our appointment. We asked God for sure direction that we could recognize, understand, and follow to get there.
We said Amen.
Elder Napan turned around and asked this 20ish year old guy how to get to the address we were looking for.I was thinking 'where did this guy come from??' He said that he was heading that way and that he'd show us.
No joke. Not even two seconds after we closed our prayer, God had lined up this 'angel without wings' to guide us to our appointment.

On the way he said that he had looked into many churches because each church must have a little bit of the truth. We asked him if he thought that the original church that Jesus established had all the truth. Of course it did. We told him that that church had been restored, got his address and telefone number, and other missionaries will be teaching him soon!


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