Monday, February 3, 2014

Transfer and thoughts on family and marriage...

On Mon, Feb 3, 2014 at 11:27 AM, James Reinhardt <> wrote:
Hey all!!! I was recently transferred to (put this into google maps):
Cidade Continental-Setor Ásia, Serra - Espirito Santo 
it's super sweet here! It feels kind of like sandpoint, ID. Doesn't have alot of people, is quite a bit more spread out, and has a jungle in the middle of the town! haha!

This photo is of our latest friend that we taught about the restored gospel of jesus christ. He decided to follow the savior into baptism!
Behind: me, Sávio (our recent convert), Ricky (his friend, neighbor, and future missionary), My new companion Elder Rocha (from Rodônia, Brasil);
In front is Elder Alexandrinho (our district leader), and Elder Weaver (from my district in Missionary Training Center in the States! He's finally here!

The bishop here is super-animado to work with us! all the meetings, all the people, all the work is ready and functioning for us to find the most people that we can!

one day late, I know. =)

Just wanted to say thank you for everything the both of you have done for me and Jayson and Jamie. Here in Brasil, marriage is not that big of a deal - just tons of expensive paperwork. That means that separation is alot easier. 
But you two have followed God's plan. You have raised a righteous family, our home is a safe haven from the world because of you two.
I love you both - tons. Wish I could give you both a huge hug!
but instead, I'll try to bring to other families the same happiness that you have given to me.

Love, James

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