Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Water fight and Baptism...

Displaying SAM_1169.JPGCHURRASCO!!!!! Don't worry about me! Isabel, an investigator of the other missionaries was kind of a 'mom' to us as we had a barbeque, and Elder Díaz, the argentian, started a water fight with me =)

Displaying SAM_1164.JPG
Also, we had a BAPTISM!!!
quickly, 4 siblings, 1 mom. Father passed away 3 years ago via a motorcycle accident.
This is a crucial time in their lives. Them, and especially their older brother (not in the photo) can choose now to be more like christ, or fall to what the world has to offer.
I am so thankful that we have gotten a chance to meet them, and we willl work super hard so that they can stay in the gospel!
gotta go!  Love ya!!!!!!

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