Friday, December 27, 2013

Mother to son.... the power of trial and belief


I loved your story about the miracle.  God is watching over you.....this I know!  You are going to have some challenges. ..and likely have some times when you just don't think you can make it......and usually what I have found is that when you are at your breaking have to just hold on because you are just a breath away from breaking that tissue paper- thin wall .... to the other side of something really grande.  Your life is going to be you're going to have some walls to break through and to tear down.....that .... you will just have to believe that somehow you will be able to do it. 

The greatest blessings always seem to come after the greatest challenges.  And you'll find, if you think back on human history - those truly great people also had incredible challenges - Hard to accomplish something truly great without great effort.
I see people get through impossible things all the time that they will tell u they can't do....but somehow they do.  And so will you!!!  Funny how we seem to 'understand', while we're sitting comfortably in class, that through God - all things are possible - but when we're knee deep in muck, and the fog is over our least for a moment, we're not sure.  

When you're not sure -- just borrow some of my belief in you -- I have plenty to spare!
I love you so much!
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Dec 9

to me
Thank you Mom.
I am certainly learning this. Back in the states, I could tell that the truly powerful missionaries, like my trainer, had a real knowledge of the atonement. I wanted that. Sure, I have had a few trials, but my life was really easy. Parents who loved me, the gospel, all I could ever need and want.
I didn't want to ask God for a trial, but at the same time, I wanted that relationship with the savior.
meu companheiro mostrou um vídeo a mim. Você precisa assistir isso! 'A Expiação e a obra missionário' do Elder Jeffrey R Holland. Eu sei que para pregar sobre a expiação de Jesus Cristo, eu preciso andar pelo menos um pouco da caminho que ele andou.
Através a provação desta idioma, eu estou conhecendo Cristo.
Te-amo Mãe!     


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