Friday, December 27, 2013

Success Doesn't Always Come as Planned....

The picture this week is one of the suprise birthday party we helped with for Alvanir (the older woman on the left). This picture is great because almost everyone here says o meu Deus -oh my God- and EVERYone says 'graças a Deus' -grace to God- when something good happened.
Here, after seeing everyone gathered around, she did the classic, raise the hands to the air and say out loud 'graças a Deus' Maybe you'd have to be here to appreciate it =)
Otherwise, know that I am doing good. I am slowly forgetting words and grammar in English. We work hard, God gives our investigators miracles, and...they fall off the face of the earth. But Elisangela, the lady we baptized just last week, wants her whole family, neighborhoods, and ancestors to accept the gospel of Jesus Christ!
Love you all and I wish I had the time to write personalized emails to everyone of ya. But we barely have
time here in the LAN-houses.

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