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Natal and the Baptism Dance -- sharing the gospel in Brazil.....BATIIISMOOOOOOOOOOO

PS - please thank grandma for all the AWESOME TIES!!!!! 
Sorry that each letter is very disorganized. This week we did many divisions. I'm so happy that everyone in the zone wants to baptize. We were on a splits with an elder and were standing at the bus and invited everyone to be baptized and have a new life in Christ!! IN the whole bus, only 4 people raised their hands to speak to us. One gave her son's address so that we could visit him!

Elder Mortensen help out and get to the people on Sunday. He had two people with dates for baptism for the next week ... he did not give up. We not only knocked on the door, but pestered them, we left, we returned, we called, did everything and then some to get these people to church! Then he told me, better that somebody gets annoyed than to miss an oppurtunity for salvation. He told me that the difference between the missionaries who baptize and who don't is the that one is willing to sacrifice. Elder Mortensen is working more but isn't seeing baptisms. Which is what he wants the most . But he has made a big change in the life of Elder Weaver - helping you to accept the fast baptisms.

Elder Weaver and I talked twice this week about the decision he made to come here.  He feels he 'let the lord down.' That the Lord has given you the option to stay and he chose to go here for selfish reasons. I told him that he actually showed much courage and was ready to fulfill what the Lord wanted him to. He is performing miracles here and that any feeling that says that 'let the lord down' does not come from God. While he is here, with the name-tag, working diligently so any feeling of dissapointing the lord is coming from the enemy. 

I'm super very happy to be with Elder Branco again! However, I was living with all Americans before. Living with all Brazilians is a big difference. We had the opportunity to stay in a musical will be the young people here in Cariacica, but I said we could use our time better and suggested that we should go out and seek for new investigators. Even though it was hard and he wanted to stay, we still headed out and found a boy and a family (mother and daughter) they are golden!!!!! I know that God still works miracles at 7 pm on Sundays! I am so happy that my companion was willing to make the sacrifice and really made a difference.

Fought for everything! PS - Please thank Grandma for all the ties!
Elder Reinhardt
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This guys is great!! Marcos Bruno! We have been working with him for a long time. Already believed in God, but had a hard time accepting that there is one church that has all the truth because God wants to teach all of his children the same thing. But, he prayed, got up the courage, and chose to follow Christ more perfectly!
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Yes! I did get the package with the craziest hot sause in the whole planet!! I take it to some of the lunches with the members and it's becoming quite renowned! 
Thank you so much for taking care of me! l have been soo blessed this week! Like almost everyday that we take the bus to go to a distant area, i get up and invite EVERYONE to be baptised and come to chruch! i am trying to loose all my shyness with the things of God. I heard someone say here that the profets wer always bold when the preached the gospel. Whay cant we be?? 

I remember that i, being a slacker, never did the dishes until i knew that you guys were serious about me doing that task. (now i know that you were always serious about me helping out)...but when we don't have the attribute of obedience, him who is inviting to repentance needs to be bold - but loving so that he who needs to repent recognizes the need for such repentance.

I know that i'm not getting out what i want to say that well, but i just hope that i can be parents like you two when i have kids. =)

the mission presidnet invited all of us to start in Luke chapter 1 and read one chapter everyday until christmas eve to prepare for christmas!!
also, pass this around to everyone!! we are doing so over here:

I love you all to pieces!!!!!
I am soo glad to hear that you all are doing excellent!!
I also sent a christmas letter to naida...together with a call to repentance, baptism, and a panflet of the restoration!! hahaha!!! I hope she and julie open their hearts -  tom as well!!
Thnak you so much for taking care of everyone over there! I am doing great here!! I will be staying in cariacica for christmas!!! A sister from the ward saw my shoes and bought me new ones! when the others arrive, i will give to a missionary who doesnt have. Another sister had a suprise birthday cake waiting for me yesterday and another - who you HAVE TO MEET she is like your spitting image. Super sassy and preaches the gospel like its going out of style!! she stood up in the bus with me and distributed thoses little cards of (he is the gift) while i invited every one to be baptized!!
I am very well taken care of.

I suppose that the only advice that I could ask of you and Dad is that i think that I am thinking so much about baptism, that I am forgetting the missionaries. Like, i'm super obedient, but I'm like martha from 'martha and mary.' one who does all the background work while the other really pays attention to the guest...does that make sense? Since i've been ZL i feel like i am trying to be more 'effective' and losing a little patience and love...I still have to reflect about this for myself - but if you or dad  have any advice.

Also, check out Pentonix an awesome acapela christmas group!!!

ldouble love!!

Elder Reinhardt
FELIZ NATAL - merry christmas!!!!
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Displaying SAM_0111.JPGThey're finally getting married!!! the missionaries found them, helped them follow the commandments, get married, baptized, and everyone's just super happy!! i have never seen her, Gisele, happier.

Trunky para casamento!!!!
Displaying SAM_0106.JPGthis is the baptism dance! over in Guarapari, a couple decided to follow God and make promises with him though BATISMO!!!!!

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