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in James' words -- this is way cool -- and will touch your heart! - from a recent convert, to James...

Hi boy, how are you? Sorry but I could not wait until the 25th to open this, I was so happy when I received
 that could not stand to wait long kkkk I'm fine, and missing a lot, I had very good experiences and wish you
 were here, has not a thing I do that I do not remember you rs, Larissa okay, whenever possible I help, I am
 very glad she is firm and happy with the choice we made, now I'm helping a friend, taught him a little alone
 and I took a Book of Mormon with my testimony to him, and today he decided to be baptized, he lost his 
father recently, and I understand his pain and to glad're being useful to him at that stage so hard, but I 
know God will comfort him and his family for sure .. I have so much to tell, but if I count the email will be
 giant kkk I wanted to share the testimony that I wrote to you, is a little big but I'll be happy if you read rs,
 here it is: Many times my faith in God and the things I believe were put to test when I decided to learn
 more of the church, people around me wanted me to believe that the Church of Jesus Christ of last days
 was an evil cult, and it was not my place, showed me horrible things through videos, texts and etc .. 
Even before knowing the other side of the story, God was putting my faith proof, after all, faith is that we 
do not see but feel, even with all the things never wanted to judge the church with my conclusions only 
based on what he saw, however, confess that gave me little afraid of my intuition was wrong, yet not
 I'm back from that moment I felt that God was touching me, because even with all those things to believe
 something in me told me not to give up, throughout history there are two sides, and only one is true, 
when I met the missionaries the most amazing is that they do not tried to convince me, asked me to 
pray and know for myself if what they kept telling me was true, I decided to do what was asked of me, 
I was so far from God that did not know whether he was entitled to ask him something, and days before 
doubted even his existence because of events in my life, ever met various religions never made ​​any such
 proposal to pray and know me if they spoke was true, I believe that none of them had evil intent, but this
 difference of the Mormon church for other made ​​me think "Because I believe in the Bible?" You may
 say that is because many things the Bible are happening, but if so I would not need to pray about the
 Book of Mormon is true, after all many things it is also happening, however, I did WHAT missionaries 
showed me, I prayed and my prayers I said to myself, "God, I do not know how to pray in faith, but I have
 real intention to really know if these things cometh Mr. "I say, my answer did not come through a signal or 
a voice, but it came amid such a joy that I started to cry alone, you can believe or not, but I cried, I felt a 
happiness so great because it was the first time I really had a desire to know, desire to learn more about 
these new things that showed me, do not want to convince anyone to believe what I believe, but I ask 
you to believe that really happened, really had my answer, and I I always say, I have my answer every 
day, have baptized me in this church was the best thing I did in my life, you might say that I am new to
 have all that sure, once when I was defending the church of a sister was doubting the message, she told
 me I could not say with certainty that it was a short time in the church and that my euphoria was because
 the church for me was like "my first love" at first I was angry she was saying when I was not sure what 
he was doing, but today I say that I'm glad she have done that, after all, our first love is eternal, is one
 that we never forget, remember that even in our last breaths, but say , my first love was God, because 
from small, not even understand what he was really I have loved him more than anything, I remember that
 was afraid of hurting my mother to love God more than her, so today I say, first love can become one 
eternal, just wanting to us, just we strive for it, and I say, I will fight with all my strength to keep on the
 right path, the only right way is the way of the church of Jesus Christ. I believe that this church is true,
 I believe that Jesus Christ lives, I believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, and I believe that
 there is a living prophet, I believe and testify to all that this is true. I leave my testimony in the name of 
Jesus Christ, amen.
I mean that I am immensely grateful to Heavenly Father for having chosen you to teach me until my sister
 said that if it was not you who taught me I would not have all this and not sure it would be as I am today,
 you can say it was the Holy Spirit that helped me, yes, it was him, but through you, and you with this 
your way and with this truth brings you made ​​me want to feel what you felt, and this was one of the 
reasons I became interested to know more , wanted to feel the same joy you feel when passing the 
message, and so I say, not all the world thanks would be enough for me to thank you for everything you did for me. I love you, buddy.
Love, Martina.

The Church is true! The Book is Blue! And I'm a Mormon!
please share and that video with everyone you see. Invite them to accept the gift of Christ and show God the gratitude that we have by way of making a promise to always follow Him - being baptized by someone who has the priesthood authority of God.

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