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Letters and photoss - to and from my favorite Missionary!

Hoi Mom!

​Maybe it's better to take the little longboard to school and just use the big ones all the time around the neighborhood  -but he's gonna be better than me soon!!!​ Holy cow its like you guys are changing and not changing all the time! I feel like so much is happening here everyday! I wish so much that all of you could see and witness all of the miracles that God is giving us every day.

I am learning the same thing about accountability here on the mission. We call the missionaries to help them. We ask them about their investigators because they need the gospel. Though we are here for the missionaries, our focus is the people recieving the gospel. SO we will help to make sure that they havent forgotten something and we will give advice when they ask and correction when they are not doing it in the lords way. following up isn't not believeing in those that you are supervising, but it is showing that you love them and those that they are taking care of! I believe in you mom! Check out the end of Chapter 8 in preach my gospel under the topic of accountability - there can be some really good tips to help out your nurses.

I am just starting to apprciate how fast you get things done. When i was washing the dishes really slowly, you just went in and did them for me...I love my companion to death but now when we teach, we explains every little detail - I just want to be completely streamlined and effective every hour of every day - more or less. It's hard! ANd even harder when you and your companion have to have the same vision, but we'll get there! 
I think we're gonna have a baptism this sunday!!!
pray for ALEXANDRE
He is amazing!!! a 16 year old teenager that recieved an answer to his prayers the first night that we asked him to pray! more on him later! 


a message i sent to dad! about ALexandre!!

Holy cow i'm loving it out here!!! I'm finally starting to apply myself. In every house that i've lived in on the mission, there has been a 'fubeca' or slacker. Like I was never the most disobedient because there was always somebody that was below me (i'm trying to find the right words but it's not coming - so i hope that that made sense). Now, we have 4 gringos in one house in brasil! Sounds like a bad sit-com. 
But everyone is trying their best to be worthy, hard workers, obedient and so on. So i am having to up my game. I love a good challenge! 
Dad, we have found an awesome family!!! Theres one young man who knows english better than we do who is already a member of the church - he apresented us to the rest of his family and we are teaching everyone!!! Some are more acceptive than others, but there is one teenager, ALexandre, who dis as we asked: Heared the message and asked God. He felt an answer to his prayres that very night that we met him!!! I'M SOO STOKED!!! He wants to be baptized and follow what christ taught but his family is pretty catholic and so he was afraid to hear what his mom thinks...but the good thing is that if she opens her heart and asks God, she'll have the same feeling! (p.s. the offer is yours as well dad!)
As we are teaching the rest of his family, the better part of them have all heard a bunch of bad things about the mormon chruch from other preachers...but we are taking away the doubts, inviting everyone to pray and seeing real progress with all of them!! woo hoo!

Elder Reinhardt

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​Oi James!

Well, can you believe it's almost Christmas?!  It's chilly tonight, so I can sure feel it coming! - Glad I got so much done this weekend -- thanks to borrowing dad's manly muscles and talent in moving boats and trailers! :)

​A lot is happening this week -- Lisa just got into town - haven't seen her yet, but there will be a service for Ted Saturday - I'm hoping one of the nurses will take call for me so I don't have to answer any phones - I just know I'll be a wreck.   She had him burried earlier -- just Master Fernette and Don - Goodman were there. ..... I know it will be tough for her.  

We've been spending a lot of time at Saied's -- 1-2 night per week since they had their house broken into.   Crazy --- 10 am, there was a knock on the door - by the time they got to the door, no one was there.  Said, and Muzna and Mala were all home.  Saied was upstairs, asleep.  Then they heard a loud crash -- I guess the guy threw a brick through a downstairs window --and when Muzna screamed, Saied hollered out for who was there -- the guy chased them upstairs and pepper sprayed Saied!  He and Mala were trying to keep the door closed -- I guess the pepper spray got all over the guy, and the police got him at dad's office, trying to wash the pepper spray off!  Anyway, Muzna and Mala are pretty shaken .......

It's cool to be getting to know them.  They are very open to hearing about our beliefs, and love to share theirs with us.  Did you know that they are Muslim?  They think that Jesus was a prophet - that's all.  That he will come again to save the world.  Very interesting.  I'm going to give them a Book of Mormon this week -- we're having FHE with them this Thursday.   I am so enjoying getting to spend time with them and getting to know them better ....such a lovely family.  I feel I must have know Muzna before - in the pre-existence!

Pray for them.  They're scared, ....We have been praying for them every night, with the Greenblotts - I really feel like God has His hand on them -- they just may not feel it yet.  :)
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How are you, buddy?  We pray for your awesome success each day.  We love your gutz! 

Dang, I got some sore ol' lady muscles -- really tough workouts 2 days in a row!​
​ - Gotta get to bed so I can get up and crank em out in the am! 

I love you buddy! 

Your #1 Fan, 

The second coming sure is close... holy cow. 

I wouldn't ever imagine any of this happening...but one thing that I know for sure is that God is still directing all of this. He cannot take away the agency of any of his children, but He already knows each one of us so well that he is still planning the best possible circumstances for us to make it back to him. I have a firm testimony that all that is unfair about life will be perfectly made up for through the power of the atonement.

We got the oppurtunity to go on a raod trip with the mission president and his wife...during the conversation he said something that will stick with me forever. He said that we will be amazed at the capability that God has in saving His children...
I hope that that helps.
Also, Alma 12 could be a really good chapter to suggest the saieds
love you to pieces mom and dad and jayson and jamie!!Displaying SAM_0013.GIF

Hi there, James!
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Ah it was a good, but hard weekend, buddy.
Had Ted's servjce up at Pinecrest cemetary....which was beautiful. ...but so hard.  Lisa just looked oh just hard stuff.  .... almost like a lost look.
We all went to the dojang afterward, & She beautifully and graciously hugged and spoke with each person as they came in the dojang.  More tears, laughter memories.   Mala performed a beautiful song for him, & she shared it with us.  The Experiences shared a DVD they put together of some pictures of him.  It really was nice.
Displaying 20141108_195548.jpgThese pictures were afterwards...all the Black Belts met at Saieds. ... we had a delicious meal, laughed and played black belt charades.....which  is hilarious!
It was a good weekend to get through with friends. be sure.
Hugs to you!
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I don't have much time to email this is the google translated version of the email I sent to the President about our zone. Hope it makes sense!!

We are in need of help. The Fields area christened 22 last transfer and now baptism did not have two weeks. I will present some ideas about how the problems and how we have to improve. 

In the last transfer, we do not know how we reached 22 - only God was taking us much mercy. Elder Giancoli F.LIMA and elders were the only baptizes. Still kept the guidelines baptism of the president, but if we wanted to do an interview before the person was taught everything they left. We did much division because we see that every person who was in the church had potential then seek to interview all the world. Now, Elder Simonsen is more spiritual and takes much care of his district - however, want to teach everything and prepare more for the interview. I do not know if it's right or not. It is very good try to follow the spirit, but sometimes we stopped wanting them to have a 'stronger testamunho before baptism' or 'teach everything before the interview' or 'respect their choice.' These desires are good, but I think that Satan will use these good reasons to disrupt the person's progress.
Elder Simonsen is a spiritual giant ... but still lack confidence in the assistants. It's the same problem that has Elder Stilson, they will only baptized against the will of the elders and the people themselves. We are trying to help them, but sometimes I feel intimidated because-Elder Simonsen seems more spiritual than me. 

Elder Gonzales told me-I was thinking of going back to the house this week. On Sunday in sacrament meeting, received a reply that was so strong that he knows he has to stay here in the mission. He left very much at home and have a little fear that he will return the good old mission and without the things that could have won if he stayed at home. He also wants very much to have more responsibility in the mission. He teaches very well and loves people, but I think he will be upset until he also changes slightly. He does not seek to be obedient - obedient only to the things with which he agrees. Not have its own pattern of obedience. He asked if we were going to hous lan in normal ropas - to see if we would or not. 
He's having a piano lesson and members are giving some references but so far only two people who had led friends. The piano does very well for him, but it seems that're increasing the number of researchers. 

The new sisters who are in Guarus are doing super well! Only Sergio Sister who is missing from home sometimes when they have time to think. Elder W. Silva and Pinargote are working just right too. 

My mate always has a smile. We're thinking that we have to set a better example for that area also. We're trying to be more effective. How to do everything we want in lessons and still limits them to 30-45 Mintos - is very difficult. 

I personally am pushing myself more to have more powerful and focused prayers. However, for some reason, I more-distracted during personal prayers! I feel that there is a pavilion above me. 

We will always improve! 
Thank you for receiving letters so messy - I'll try my best in next-express. 

Elder Reinhardt

  Hello buddy! All is well here this week. The kids are doing well, they're very excited about Halloween and are looking forward to decorating for our Halloween open house. Of course we have to do the mad scientist lab, but there is no doctor love this year! 
The greenblott's seem to be doing okay. Frederick looks okay. The dojang here is trying to get back to some kind of normal. I do have some pretty awesome news for you: caleb is getting married next August! You are on the wedding invitation list! He is doing really well. Of course he says hi.
Dad has the day off, and he has been busy already doing all my chores for me, well I go out to see patient. How delightful!
We had the Murdoch kids over here this weekend! A house full of happy chaos. And of course you know, that is just how I like it. Dad on the other hand, needs a sedative. Lol
I love you very much! You have a phenomenal week.


Yes - he’s getting married in August! - You’ll be home then!!!!  Shut up, I know!  I just about busted out of the seams!!!  - I’ll explode, I’m sure, when you get married!!!! - - The most important decision of your life.  Your mission will help you prepare for marriage, and help you be a wise discerner!   - Gotta pick a 10-cow wife! 😊  LOL

Been a good week here. -- Got finished reviewing all of the charts  -- 365 of them, to be precise!  Huge project.  

Jamie is at her CHEER clinic today, and Jayson goes to BBALL clinic -- little warm up - fun day today before the Season Starts! - They love Upward!  Dad is coaching Bball again.  I start coaching VBall next Thursday - Jamie is jazzed!

Here’s Jayson:

My birthday was AWESOME by the way I am now in counciling for 80hd.also I love minecraft!!!!!!!!+

 (interpreted by mom:  counselling for 80hd = ADHD) LOL.

Hi again -- Jayson is excited to get on mincraft!  He’s building a cool little village on it.

I have a light day today - phew! - Got some MK orders out, only seeing 2 patients and calling a few coaching clients.  - Snuggling by Bugglings!

We love you TONS!  I miss your gutz!  -Super proud of the work you are doing.  I can tell you a re giving your all  - and that makes all the difference!



Hi Dad,
Wow, that is a powerful message. I thank that that is soo true. At times we create expectations of what we think should happen. I am trying my best to rid myself of that. In myt praryes, I am asking that God guides our prayers so that we ask for what He wants to give us. That way, our prayers will be answered. 

We had two huge miracles that happened this week where we went to one house and no-one was there. And God guided us from house to house until we met that eleite person that accepts all that the gospel has to offer! of course, now i'm getting transfered...but at least my companion will stay and help these people recieve the fullness of the gospel!!
I hope that i will get the chance to train someone! 

I have to send out some pictures now and still have to send an email to president! 
I love you dad, and i thank you for being the rock in our family.


On Mon, Nov 3, 2014 at 12:04 PM, James Reinhardt <> wrote:
i promise to reply next p day sorry that i dint have time to read and write but i love you all!!

On Mon, Nov 3, 2014 at 5:15 AM, Rick Langford <> wrote:
Dear Elder Reinhardt,
How was your week?  It is as busy as ever here and starting to get cold.  That is good news for Jamie and Jayson...sports starts.  They are both playing volleyball.  I missed Jamie's game , but you should have seen your brother. He scored on several of his overhand serves...made two saves...and set it three times.  He is a little uncomfortable playing with all the girls...but he is coming around...he is definately more comfortable on a basketball floor.    Jamie was very excited for Halloween   this year.  I think she tried 8-9 different costumes.  She gave out candy while Jayson went around trying to scare people.  I think it was a bit of a let down since we dont get many trick or treaters on our street.   Of course your Mom dressed up all I know where Jamie gets it. 
There was a man on my mission that taught me a simple principle when I was frustrated or felt things were not going as  well as I thought those should.  He asked me what I expected?   I was not sure what he meant.  He pointed some of the missionaries in the BofM.  Enos cried unto the Lord and was given a promise that the lamanites would receive the gospel.  Then he labored diligently to bring the lamanites to the truth. He did not live to see it come to past.  (Enos 1)   Ammon and his bothern fasted and prayed much to go among the Lamanites.  They were told to be patient in longsuffering and afflictions....showing forth good examples.  (Alma 17)  There were a lot of cities they went to....few received them....but some that did.  
What were their expectations?  At times they could not see what was at the end of the path or that expectation.  Instead they had faith and hope and the asurance that they were on the Lords errand.  Does that mean you dont expect miracles or great successes?   No. I means you do your duty with all diligence and patience.... watching for those opportunities as Ammon did, Nephi did, and Alma did where they could demonstrate the miracles and power of God.  
I pray that you will be given those opportunities. Keep watch and be a great example for those missionaries you have stewardship over. 
We love you,

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yeah, not even a zoo. These are someone's pets! 
he also accepted a pamflet of the restoration!!
elder Branco, the ladies man (oh boy!...) from Curitiba!Displaying SAM_9696.JPG

the picture that i took 6 months ago our last day together, and now we're back!!!

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