Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Grateful note of thanks.....

-This was a note James shared with me, that  he sent to one of his leaders who has been a huge influence for good in James' life -- indeed, in the lives of all who know him: .......
"You are a model to follow. My companion has been a little under the weather recently, so we have not gotten out as much. I am deffinately not the best missionary, but you and my last companion (who has just gone AP this transfer) have really ingrained in me what President Hinkley's father told him, "forget yourself and go to work." My companion is a good guy and a great missionary, but I'm really striving for charity and humility so that I know what things I need to push for and what things I shouldn't - since sometimes I feel more motivated than him. I'm deffinately not better - just want to work hard! So we're meeting in the middle.
I know that God is watching over your family for sure. Your family truly feels like you are all living up to your potential. The Gospel of Jesus Christ, when practiced, makes the home a safe haven and a refuge from the forces of the outside world. I love whenever I find a family like yours out here in the South Dakota Rapid City Mission.
I have already learned so much here on the mission. One very important thing I learned is that we cannot create miracles/powerful lessons/blessings from heaver, however, we can do the best we can to anticipate. God will ultimately decide the outcome of every effort to bring others to His fold. Some people will choose God and some will not. However, as we do all we can, we can rest assured that we will not miss any miracles that God has prepared for us.
I love you Brother L,
Your friendship and leadership has been an anchor for me.
Elder James Reinhardt"

From the tender heart of a grateful and blessed mother -- Thanks to You and your family Brother L.....and all those who have been a force for good in our family's lives.   - James' mom

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