Wednesday, October 30, 2013

BRAZIL - and news from Elder Reinhardt

 I love that book of Mormon. That is such a sacred book to me. I know that as i read that book, my life would improve. I hope that you recognize that those notes in there can be a personal letter to you from me and that book is a personal letter to you from GOD. 
I am indeed warm enough =) There have been enough leftovers from past missionaries that I have taken for myself. I may purchase some boots - but I don't know if I'll be staying or leaving :p
I love you all with all my heart.
-Elder James Reinhardt

Hey all! I'll be heading out to Brazil here next Monday! Wish me luck!

I am very excited!!! ...i've been cramming in all the portuguese that I can handle - this means flash cards, reading, watching Buscando a fe em Cristo instead of Finding Faith in Christ. =)
Found out that my MTC comp who i love to pieces will be on the plane with me! he has been serving in Minneasota and he just got his Visa too! our Mission President said that Brasil is only handing out 100 visas a the church will not be calling any more foreigners to Brasil. There will still be natives to the country going out to serve, but only those who orignally have calls there have a hope of going still....I'M THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS!...kinda =)
That's fantastic that you've been reading the Book of Mormon! (I love our message. It's either true or not. Joseph Smith was a prophet or he wasn't. It all hinges on the Book of Mormon!) No, the Book is for you for these two years.  (James sent his studied and highlighted Book of Mormon!)  I cherish that book for the wisdom and truth that it gave me. Now, I get to scour through the quad that you both gave me for seminary. I am learning so much from the Book of Mormon and the Bible!
Doing a "companionship study" is such a great idea! As far as what to study? Have a time set aside every day (as best as you can) startand end with a prayer to be taught by the spirit, know how to apply what you learn, to have the truth of what you're reading to be revealed unto you, and then have your first study devoted to page 17 in Preach My Gospel.
Our companionship study consists of practicing and reading for our investigators. The first part is just spent sharing what we learned. So one suggestion could be to both have a personal study and then for the both of you, come together and testify of what you read. Tell him what you learned and how it will help you. Ask him for insight on verses that you didn't understand or that you really loved. As he has just studied as well, he may have different promptings on the same verses. What he learned may be different, but as he devoted that study time to God, those promptings are just as important to him as yours are to you.
I love you all very much and I know with all my heart that as you continue to devote yourself to God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, everything will work out. If it didn't God would not be the loving God that we know. Though there are some pains that may not be fully worked out until we stand before our savior, Jesus Christ promises peace in this life and eternal joy in the life to come.
God be with you!
Elder James Reinhardt 

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