Wednesday, October 30, 2013

-The framed life of a missionary in Wyoming
The baptism of Bobby Knight and Justyce Viet!
These people were already prepared!
Bobby is a proud Texan Veteran, with the accent, stories, and friendliness to back it up. He has changed his life! He has stopped smoking. He has stopped drinking. He has shown that he is willing to follow Christ the best he can by being baptised!
Justyce is his step-daughter. She is the epitome of a high-school girl. She is awesome, but rather air-headed =) Even though she is just a freshman, she has understood what the scriptures have taught and has decided to follow Jesus too!
Andrea is the Mom. She was already a member of the church but hadn't gone for a while. It is so great to be able to play a small part in bringing this family together. Andrea is a great mom. Bobby loves his step-children, his wife, and the Lord. 

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