Monday, June 3, 2013

Looking for the Best in Others...and in ourselves ...

Greetings from Elder Reinhardt!  5-28-2013

I love how in each of James' letters, he expresses such deep love for those he serves with and serves for.  Even as a small child, he always looked out for and lifted others.  Enjoy this letter, and don't forget to email him!  - His email is below!

"Ya'll have no idea how much Spirit is here!  I hope that I can convey that through this letter.  Did you know that these grounds are consecrated??  Like the word that we can experiment with (the scriptures), we can experiment with the Spirit here!  This is a place where I can see what promptings are what!  And my elder Knudson said that he completely sustains me as leader!  I can truly be a vessel for God's work!

I'm scattered and letters are few because I feel I have soo little free time! - But that is soo great!  I LOVE my district!

Elder Capaurama - my companion and best friend (...but they're all closer than that!) -- He's from Idaho (Moscow), Then there's Elder McKnight, Elder Willett, Elder Knudson, Elder Weaver, Elder Cervantes and Elder Pinaryote (who left).  So many experiences to share - but so little Time!!! - It's 10:30, so lights out!

It's tomorrow! Thank you for the letter!  I have to definitely start applying the "quiet dignity" and listen more! I'll say again that these elders are the best!  I can't adequately describe the stores that we've shared -- but I can say that we all have extra strengths that we build each other up with.

Knudson's leadership, McKnight's ability to stay on time, Willett's ability to stay on focus,  Weavers love, Cervantes quiet dignity, Caparuina's friendliness...(can't forget the sister)  Sister Sermons' pure love, Sister McEldery's straightforwardness -- these are all traits that I strive for.

The food here is the BEST!  and very prevalent!  The sisters here -- to put it in missionary terms ... God is pleased with their appearance! ;)  In all honesty, it is so easy to not want dates, music, dancing and boarding!  I know that 1) they work us hard and 2) The Spirit is palpable here!!!

Most recent council? -- When thinking about how hard death can be - sing Come, Come ye Saints.  When with an investigator and trying to get them to know if the things you way are true ... (when the Spirit prompts)  pray right then and there!  This is also a type of how we can receive council from Him for ourselves.  Please read:  Omni verse 26.  2 Nephi 31:13.  Preach My Gospel page 122 - the quote from L T. Perry.

PS  Find out about the 'Dear Elder' email -- letter system!  Please give everyone my email: -- And tell Ryan, James and Ben -- They need to get their BUTTS out here!!! There is no better place to be!!!


Elder Reinhardt"

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