Thursday, June 13, 2013

A quickening of Spirit....

We were so tickled to see James and his companion on the NEWS!  Thanks a ton for sharing this, Suzy!!!  James is doing great at the MTC and really thriving in his calling!  Here are some excerpts from his latest letters!  Thanks again for all of you and your support for James -- and all of our missionaries out in the field!  What an exciting time!

" Am I waking up on fire every day?  I'm waking up happy, that's for sure!  I go to bed on fire though!  

Instead of just reading scritures with a pen, I pray with a pen.  I have a sure testimony that God guides this district through letting me receive inspiration.  I feel like my mind is quickened whenever I am using my calling:  companionship interviews, meetings, giving counsel, etc.

Thanks for sending my white clothes!  Thanks also for the care pakage - the elders here loved the licorice!  I'm so thankful for the letters and love!  As district leader, I'm the first to see the mail -- even though I don't look at it til the evening when everyone gets to :)  And I always love seeing letters from my family!

Oh, my GOODNESS!!!  I went to the Provo Temple today with my best friend!  Elder Capansura is not only a stud, but we're so similar!  Both from ID, his family comes up to Sandpoint to see his grandparents, he is a hard worker, doesn't complain, studies the language a ton, into cycling, loves and befriends everyone, has a GRAND sarcastic humor (and can look you straight in the face and with his gameface, get you to believe anything he says, just because he's excellent at telling tall tales with a straight face)  and enjoys actually staying in the temple for a long time!

Please get this address out on facebook or just the dear Elder thing:)

Elder James F. Reinhardt
MTC Mailbox #94
BRA-VIT 0701
2005 N. 900E.
Provo, UT  84604 - 1793

I love you!  And I love God!

Much Love,
Elder James Reinhardt

James in the News  (go to 1:33 and you'll see him walking into devotional with his companion!)

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