Friday, May 31, 2013

Praying with a Pencil...

Yeay!  We got our first e-mail from James & want to share it with you!  - Thank you for all your prayers for him.  I know he will give His all to the Lord and bless the lives of many!  It will be a delight -- it already is a delight to watch him grow!

"Hey Family!  Hows it goin up in Sandpoint????

The MTC is sooooo grand!  The Spirit is sooo strong!  .....You should meet my companion here! ...  It's sooo wonderful how fast our companionship has grown!  It's a jumpstarted, called of God, Spirit-Induced, best-friendship!

Mom and Dad, I understand now, a little, what it means to watch over and love a family fromthe parent part.  I don't know how to describe it, but being District Leader has allowed me to fall in love with all the other 8 elders and sisters in the district.  I have prayed for and received a piece of God's love for each individual!  It's so great having companionship interviews with the senior companions!  I feel that the mantle of the priesthood overcomes me and I'm actually able to give sound council to those I love!  I'm able also to see further into their lives!  - I tel you what, I've started to pray with a pencil ... and I know that God can give you personal revelation.  I pray for maybe 20 minutes or so trying to come as close to God as possible and he does reveal to me through His still, small voice what needs to happen with District 69D, what needs to happen in my life, and more!  Godspeed!

God is sooo good!  This gospel is true!  I love you all so much!

Gotta go pick up my laundry!

Share this with everyone!!!!


Thanks again -- so many have helped him get to this place in his life! -- We love you all for blessing the lives of our boy turned Mr. Incredible!!!

James' Mom

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