Sunday, July 7, 2013

Relationships are borne of heaven

...I saw Parker Davis the other day! - My best friend in 8th grade?  His dad wrote The Other Side of Heaven!  Also, saw Sister hiatt!  One of Prez Hiatt's daughters!  Oh!  And I saw Sister jocelyn Verkist as well!!!  So long story short, it is soo cool (when you haven't seen a friend in soo long)  to see them at the best place they could be!  The MTC!  I imagine that the same experience will happen in heaven....Wow!  I'm so stoked we made it!

Thank you for all your prayers!  I do go to bed on Fire!  i feel that I get inspiration on a daily basis!  I just need to follow it more!

Tried to go up a cement step yesterday and instead, proved gravity exists...I slammed the pavement... mas, Tudo bem!

We heard a fantastic talk on Sunday by Stephen B. Allen - He showed a lot of Mormon messages - commercials -- the best one talked about the Spirit.  We are counseled to lean not unto our own understanding, to expound on that, when we follow the Spirit, we must not seek the reason - just be obedient.

We watched the Testaments this Sunday and I felt like I watched it for the first time!  I want you all to know that Eusei que Jesus Vive!  Eu tento animo por cuando Ele volta na terra Var ser LEGAL.  Nos devemos trabalhar a conhecer Jesus Cristo por meco da Expiacao antes de Ele vem.  Eu amo ele, e eu posso pregar suas palavaras. Eu gusto deste Igresia, e eu espero que todos pessoas podam escutar meo testamuntro.

Before I close... I want you all to know that I love you.  I could not ask for a better family, and I'm sure that we had already decided that we were going to help each other out in this life -- in the life before.  If you need anything from me - anything at all, let me know!

With muito Amor,
Sev Filho
Elder Tiago Reinhardt!

PS - Get some of my friend writing me!!!!

PPS -- The night I received the letter saying that Grandpa wasn't doing so hot..... I prayed HARD.  It was not a fun night.  I can tell you though that as my companion, Elder Capawana and I stretched our voices up to heaven, I received a personal witness that God loves Grandpa and Grandma.  He truly does whether they like it or not.  And even though I would love to see Grandpa on earth -- if I have to see him again on the other side -- that is ok.  I know that if so, Grandpa will be receiving the blessing promised in 2 Ne 24:3.  I know that if anything, when I see him in heaven, his mortal body will be perfected.  His stature will be coupled with Heavenly Glory.  Though I pray that I can see him again...and I know he can do it!  I also trust that God has a hand in whatever happens.  I received a witness that God would take perfect care of our good Grandpa.  I know that no matter what, God's perfect plan of justice and mercy is designed to bless Grandpa.  I know that our relationships are not bound to this earth!  If I will not be able to see him again, then I will see him as described in Alma 11:42-45. 

Tudo Ben,.  Ate-logo.  Eu amo voces. 

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