Sunday, July 7, 2013

Lots of Love - Lots of pictures!

         In the Celestial Room at our last temple trip, I had a chance to talk with my eloved friend, Elder XS, I told him that instead of just experimenting on the word, experiment on the Spirit!  The MTC has such a strong Spirit that based on your obedience - you should pray with a pencil in order to receive personal revelation to heartfelt prayers.  I was so grateful when he took me up on my word, but bummed when he expressed 2 days ago that he's been praying hard for investigators and personal questions without receiving insight. 

I love hearing tat the gospel is going to town in our home!  that's so great!  I remember how much you helped me with my Faith in God Award! you for sharing my letters with them all!  Thank you for all the love, support, packages and letters!  They seriously mean sooo much to me.

A lot of the district just got reassignments today!  Yahoo!!!  One elder is going to Denver, Colorado and we haven't seen where the sisters are going yet!   - Perhaps that's why we're staying here a bit longer -- Read my email about Elder X -- we still have lives to touch!

[Email reads:  "this is what a weekly report to the branch presidency looks like: 
     Dear Presidency,
         This week has been so fantastic!  Today we wnt through the 'in-field Orientation' which out and out got me pumped for the mission field!  Though I do not feel ready in the langage, I do feel that through high expectations, smart goals, and faith - I can do anything.
         I've been thinking quite a bit about faith this week...what's faith and what's just brazen wishful thinking!  If I set a goal of 25 baptisms in a month, am I having faith, or just a crazy hope?  The difference is that you ave to start with the Spirit, let go of the natural man (am I doing this for me or not), and follow through having a trusting hope that our God is a God of miracles.
          He wants to receive a solid testimony for his investigators, faith for miracles, and insight for his questins (they all go hand in hand).  Elder Capawana and I have been talking with him and trying to help him best we can.  Last night, I shared Alma 32:16 with him.  We asked if he had a sure undeniable knowledge of the things he was teaching.  He didn't.  We asked him if he had a desire to believe and a hope that he would receive inspiration.  He did.  We then asked him what this was.  His reply?  'hmmm.... I do have faith.' 
         It was the best thing ever!  Elder X wants so badly to have faith and all he has to do is recognize that he already has it.  The next step is to find out how the Spirit talks to him.  We suggested that perhaps, his Father wants him to search what He has already given him: scriptures, Patriachal Blessing and MTC devotionals.
         Not only do we love this elder but we love being able to share some of the doctrine, wisdom, and insight that we learned - and wish we had a lot sooner.
        I understand that this letter should include more topics than what was written, but I felt that was important.
       As for my progress, please know that I made a personal VOW to preach the gospel to every creature because I didn't share enough to my friends back home.
      I love you all
      Elder Reinhardt'"
 By the way, you were right!  Family history is COOL!  We all watched a video on family history as part of our MTC training.  Can you tell me your testimony of family History?  Do you have any stories to tell?  I have to know more about how awesome it is so I can use it!

They said that family history is the 'bridge between casual conversation and sharing the work of salvation with God's Children."  Key indicators for family history and where it can make an impact is when people:  1) Move from home  2) Have family reunions   3) Marriage/birth    4) death or illness   5) retirement

July 5th:
It's so good to hear from you Mom!'re so right, Mom, Satan's working hard, but GOD'S WORKING HARDER!!! 
Poor Jamie! I'm sorry you're hurting sissy! I love you! You'll feel better soon I know it! I'm glad that you're still watching the parade though! You and Brooklyn look great! Will you tell her to email or write me! =D
Sure, sometimes Sandpoint doesn't have much to do, but it sounds like it's waking up! Seeing all those pictures makes my heart soar! Jayson being a magician (and wearing the hat I gave him =)  ) and winning at checkers! Jamie being a cowgirl in a wagon!
I love you all so much! We celebrated the 4th of July by watching 17 Miracles!!!
You HAVE TO SEE is a hard movie, but it is MTC approved. Listen to the young couple in the beginning and why they want to treck all the way from England to Zion. Feel the love of Brother Savage and how he just wants to be back with his boy and follow the will of the lord. It was a tear jerker, but a testimony grower! I expect an email about you watching it soon! ;) oh, and this is the 'stadium of fire" in the background.
The MTC Presidency honestly said, "Since you've all been so good, we are going to let you stay up past your bedtime." So we got to watch fireworks =)
Love you Mom, Dad, Jayson, and Jamie!View photo in message
Elder James Reinhardt

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